Property Management

Prosper's Property Management is designed to meet your needs for professional property management. We deliver fantastic service to property owners, real estate investors, vendors, and residential tenants.

Our Property Management Services

Proactive Partnership

Our flat-rate property management fee helps keep your rental property profitable. We invest in web-based technology enabling our team to respond promptly to your requests. In addition, we minimize the number of homes each employee is responsible for managing. This allows property owners, real estate investors, and tenants to receive the professional attention they deserve.

For your convenience, we make sure owners receive an electronic accounting statement which includes a copy of any invoice paid during the previous month.

Property Marketing

Our professional leasing team ensures your property is optimized to be leased quickly.

These leasing services include rental price analysis, professional quality photography, listing home on the local MLS, and prompt responsiveness to potential applicant inquiries.

Repair & Maintenance

We provide Jackson Tennessee property management clients with dependable, quality repair & maintenance services.

We know how much your property means to you, so we make every effort to give your home the care and consideration it deserves.

Our swift repair and maintenance team responds quickly and effectively to maintenance requests.

Tenant Screening

Our property management company screens all prospective tenants at no cost to our clients. We screen tenants based on their credit, employment, and rental history, as well as conducting a criminal background check.

Our goal is to find the best quality tenant for you.

Eviction Services

Evicting a tenant may be one of the most unpleasant parts of being a landlord, but it can also be vitally important. Our clients can rely on our professional assistance when having to deal with this uncomfortable task.

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Why Do Jackson Landlords Use Prosper Property Management?

Property management services save your most valuable asset: time. If you’re managing a Jackson rental property by yourself, you’re responsible for handling any and all issues that come up, at any time of day or night. You’re handling maintenance requests and repairs, and handling emergencies at night. You visit the property many times a year to inspect its structural foundation. Investing in a property manager services can save you countless hours of work and stress.
Property management companies save time. If you’re a landlord of a Jackson rental property by yourself, you are the one responsible for handling any and all issues that come up. You’ll be the one taking emergency phone calls in the middle of the night. You’re the one who will be taking maintenance requests and conducting repairs. You’re the one who will be visiting the property many times a year to inspect its structural foundation. Residential property managers can therefore save you dozens of hours of work.
Prosper’s property management service delivers expert data and advice about Jackson, TN. Whether you’re considering residential and commercial properties to add to your portfolio or making critical decisions about your tenants, we can help. At Prosper Realty Group, our team of real estate agents can help you buy or sell residential and commercial properties.
As property managers, we take pride in our connection to vendors and services. If you need specific repairs made on your Jackson rental property, we connect you with a certified and available electrician, plumber, handyman, or other contractor. No more vetting new candidates!

It’s true that hiring a property management company is an investment. This can seem like an immediate hit to your bottom line profitability. But by filling and maintaining your properties, and saving you time and stress along the way, we free you up to focus on the growth of your portfolio, projects that are important to you, and expansion of your overall revenue.